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Some people believe aragonite aids deep peaceful meditation. It is said to uplifts emotions.

Ancients believed it created centering, and patience under stress. Others believe it helps us navigate business / managerial / personal challenges with clear head, steady hand. It is also said to aid giving & receiving easily.

Others believe the interesting quality of this mineral is that it shows the spherical nature of beingness while it also expresses the aspects of self reaching out to experience life, knowledge, essence. It is an empowerment mineral in the past given to young adults in recognition of the responsibility of adult tasks now being required of them. It possesses the ability to strengthen the internal chakra chord so that it is able to bear more light and, therefore, more "witness" of the higher self. It is a subdued essence of mineral allowing great tranquility and self expression of personal power which may be required of young adults so that their competitive drive can be expressed more toward enthusiastic cooperation. The spherical nature of beingness is what allowed Columbus to first deduce that circumnavigation of the globe was possible. The quality of committing oneself to the proof and attainment of spiritual spherical essence is supported by Aragonite.

All bead necklaces are finished with black satin cord in your choice of overall length from 18" to 24". All wire wrapped pendants are available on 24" or 30" black satin or black leather cords-your choice.

Aragonite Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver
Aragonite with Gold Plated Beads
Aragonite Wire Wrapped in Gold Filled Wire
Item# AragonWWSS1
Item# AragonGB3
Item# AragonGWW6
Wire Wrapped in
Sterling Silver
(approx. 1 1/4" long)
Aragonite with
Gold Plated Beads
Wire Wrapped in
Gold Filled Wire
(approx 1 1/2" long)
Cord Type
Cord Length
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wire wrapped

The gemstone beads and pendants we use are all natural. People who love natural stone jewelry accept and relish the fact that natural stone is not a sterile gem quality, but shows the variations and adverse climatic conditions under which it was created. In any natural stone there will be imperfections if viewed from a gemstone mindset. Natural stone is beautiful and unique because of its often rough or scarred appearance. If you have a question about the piece you are interested in, contact me.

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