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Clear yellow qtz. (Yellow from Iron). Ancient lore says that citrine aids mental and emotional clarity. Problem-solving, memory, willpower, optimism, confidence, self-discipline, digestion. Reduces anxiety, fear, depression, stomach tension, food disorders, allergies.

Citrine belongs to the quartz family, although it is often mistakenly called topaz. The name citrine comes from the French citron (lemon), which refers to its color. The Greeks and Romans used citrine for intaglios and cabochons during the first and second centuries. This gemstone was worn as a protective talisman and used for medicinal purposes; it was thought to aid in digestion and cleanse toxins from the body. To some, citrine symbolized lightheartedness and joy.

All bead necklaces are finished with black satin cord in your choice of overall length from 18" to 24". All wire wrapped pendants are available on 24" or 30" black satin or black leather cords-your choice.

Citrine Beads with Gold Plated Beads
Citrine Wire Wrapped Pendant
Item# CitB1
Item# CitWW3
$ 14.00
Citrine Beads with
Gold Plated Beads
Copper Wire Wrapped
Citrine Rough Pendant
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Citrine in Gold Plated Cage
citGWW1 (4K)
Item# CitCage1
Item# CitGWW1
Citrine Rough Nuggets
in Gold Filled Wire Cage
Polished Citrine
Wire Wrapped in
Gold Filled Wire
(approx. 1" long)
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Citrine Chcoker

Item# CitrineChocker1

Citrine Nugget Chocker
17" opening, 1" wide bands

The gemstone beads and pendants we use are all natural. People who love natural stone jewelry accept and relish the fact that natural stone is not a sterile gem quality, but shows the variations and adverse climatic conditions under which it was created. In any natural stone there will be imperfections if viewed from a gemstone mindset. Natural stone is beautiful and unique because of its often rough or scarred appearance. If you have a question about the piece you are interested in, contact me.

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