Hand Made Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Quartz Crystal

Clear Quartz, known as the "Ice of Eternity," is believed by some to be an all around healer and amplifier. Capable of dispersing white light into the seven spectral colors, it aligns one's consciousness with the electromagnetic forces of the universe, helping us find our own inner light that connects us with the ONE LIGHT. It is a magnifier of psychic and healing energies. Clear quartz helps to focus one's thoughts and is excellent for meditation. Greatly enhances inter-dimensional communication with higher self and spiritual guides. As it dispels negativity in one's energy field and environment, quartz crystal also enhances the crystalline properties of the blood, body and mind.

All bead necklaces are finished with black satin cord in your choice of overall length from 18" to 24". All wire wrapped pendants are available on 24" or 30" black satin or black leather cords-your choice.

Clear Crystal Bracelet
Clear Crystal Bracelet
Item# CrystalBRC003
Item# CrystalBRC009
Clear Crystal Bracelet-8"
Clear Crystal Bracelet-7"
Clear Crystal Beads with Silver Plated Beads
Quartz and Silver Plated Beads
Item# CrystalB007
Item# CrystalB010
Clear Crystal Beads
with Silver Plated Beads
Clear Quartz and
Silver Plated Beads
Crystal Wire Wrapped in Copper
Crystal Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver
Item# CrystalWW1
Item# CrystalWWSS1
Wire Wrapped
in Copper
(approx. 3/4")
Wire Wrapped in
Sterling Silver
(across 1 3/4" long)
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The gemstone beads and pendants we use are all natural. People who love natural stone jewelry accept and relish the fact that natural stone is not a sterile gem quality, but shows the variations and adverse climatic conditions under which it was created. In any natural stone there will be imperfections if viewed from a gemstone mindset. Natural stone is beautiful and unique because of its often rough or scarred appearance. If you have a question about the piece you are interested in, contact me.

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